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23. Office on Aging


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The College of Southern Idaho is proud to have the Office on Aging on campus. Now housed in what used to be the Center for New Directions on the west side of the CSI campus, the Office on Aging is a valuable resource not only to senior citizens but also to those whose loved ones are seniors or those who are wise enough to plan ahead for their senior years. The professionals at the Office on Aging have the tools, programs, and know-how to help you with every need connected with aging.

Adult Protective Services help protect seniors from abuse or neglect. Case Management specialists help seniors maintain independent living. The Older Worker's Program assists qualified seniors in finding employment or job training. The Ombudsman Program advocates for seniors in health, safety, and assisted living arrangements. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program can get active seniors back into the community fulfilling vital roles with youth or with other seniors.

There are so many other tremendous services offered through the Office on Aging, including meal services, exercise programs, transportation, respite care for those who are caring for their senior loved ones, and more.

Get to know the Office on Aging. Call us at 736-2122 or toll free at 800-574-8656. Or visit our website at

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