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Refugee Center

The involvement of the College of Southern Idaho in the refugee resettlement field began in 1980 under Marvin Glasscock, Director of Continuing Education at the College; and was known as the Indo-China Refugee Resettlement Program. The program started with a federal grant to teach English, home economics and related skills under Lise Swedberg, primarily to Laotian families in Buhl and Twin Falls.

The Program was, and has been, under the fiscal management of the College of Southern Idaho from inception. The name of the Program changed several times during the years, being called at various times: The Indo-China Refugee Resettlement Program, The Czechoslovakian Resettlement Fund and the CSI Refugee Resettlement Program until the most recent name, College of Southern Idaho Refugee Programs, was adopted in 2004.

Little history of the Program is known in the period of 1982 until Marv Glasscock’s death in 1990. Shortly before that time, management of the program started under Sheri Toolson, (wife of Marv Glasscock) until 1992 and Pauline Day from 1992 to mid 1993. During that period, the program was affiliated with the American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees(AFCR) which ended in mid-1990. After that, the program became affiliated with the American Council for Nationalities Service(ACNS) in 1990, which became Immigration and Refugee Services of America in 1994, and in 2004 changed it’s name to United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI).

For more information, visit Refugee Center website.

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