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26. Security

The Security Department patrols the campus and checks all buildings on a regular basis. Felonies and serious crimes are reported to the appropriate police agency by the security staff. We request that students, employees, and visitors report all crimes that occur on the CSI campus or property to the Security Department. An Emergency Procedures manual containing information about responding to a crime and other emergency situations is located and readily available in all faculty and staff offices and all sections of the dormitory on campus. Security asks that each employee with a key remember to lock the building you unlocked when entering on Holidays; after hours and weekends notify Security that you are in the building.

CSI Security officers do not carry firearms and have limited police powers. Only law enforcement officers are allowed to possess and/or carry firearms on campus. Students arriving on campus with firearms in their possession must check them in with security and may pick them up when ready to leave campus. Any exception must be approved by CSI Security.

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