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2. Student Union Building

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The CSI Student Union Building, on the north side of the Taylor Administration Building, adds a much-needed 30,000 square feet of student and community space to the campus.

On the lower level, students can take care of advising, financial aid, registration, and business transactions in the Matrix, CSI's "one stop" shop. Just outside the Matrix is the Eagle's Nest, a full service deli that's open mornings through early evenings to accommodate the schedules of most of CSI's students. Students and the public will find many computer stations in the Eagle's Nest with free Internet access. The Fireside Lounge is a great place to relax and even to enjoy occasional performances scheduled by the CSI Jazz Combo. Also adjacent to the downstairs seating area are and the CSI Bookstore and JAVA coffee shop.

Upstairs, the additional space in the Student Union allows for plenty of dining areas in the CSI cafeteria. A wall of windows facing the interior of the beautiful CSI campus adds to the enjoyment of this new building. The CSI chapel on the west side of the SUB upstairs allows students much-needed 'down' time, away from the rigors of their schedule of the pressures of the day. Equipped with comfortable furniture and a spacious view, the CSI chapel is yet another way CSI has planned for the well being of its students.

Two, nicely-equipped meeting rooms on the west side of the SUB upstairs allow student clubs and community organizations to meet comfortably and efficiently.

A number of CSI offices are located upstairs adjacent to the expanded dining area, including CSI Student Activities, Information Technology, and Community Education.

For more information about the construction of the Student Union Building click here.

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